Wednesday, November 23, 2011


= Turkey day traffic, and there's plenty of it today already.  But what we are getting as rain fell as snow to the north.  Its sounding like Killington got around 10" overnight, Loon saying 8" and Sugarloaf was saying 8.5" not bad.  Should help out this season as they haven't seen much in the way of snow lately.

Here are a few videos of Dane I forgot I had taken the other day at Nam. He's insane it was his first time out since breaking his foot and he was ripping it up.  This drop (an the stuff in the other videos) is bigger/steeper than it looks.

Then he nosewheelied it (and skids on the front wheel).

And I'm pretty sure this roll goes over vert at some point.

Also I'd like to go to a trampoline park like this. One trampoline is fun so this must be insane. Also this kid is not very epic.

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