Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I'm the whether man

Weather you like cold and snow or not, there's no denying the fact that its coming, eventually, to New England. We've been spoiled with warm temps since it snowed in October, but it sounds like northern new england may get another significant snowfall this Thanksgiving according to Unofficial Networks (click here for the article).  Sounds like 6-12" in VT and 12-18" in NH and ME.  Bubba and myself were thinking of going snowboarding this weekend anyways, this may seal the deal.  Hopefully the ski areas aren't too crowded for Thanksgiving, but I'm sure the rumor of snow will motivate many people that are home for the holidays to head north.

Here's a video of some deep snow to get you excited (or bummed).

Weather is such an interesting thing though, obviously it dictates a lot of our lives, but its funny that we still can hardly predict it.  Just read that article linked above, there are so many different things at play that it will always be unpredicable.  Maybe I'm just a weather nerd...

And if you read through that half assed though here's an video of a guy eating shit on a DH bike, looks like his (most likely) $3k + bike couldn't save him.

I also want to see what people think of this MTB street video, I'll admit he rips it up, but why not just ride a BMX bike at that point?  I mean he has no brakes, the bars look retarded, but he still does some kind of cool stuff.  Then again its still pretty far behind where BMX street is now a days so maybe its cool for MTBs?  Or maybe I am a bike racist that can't think outside the box of BMX bike are for tricks, MTB's for ripping offroad, and road bikes at the back of the bus, err I mean for getting around on pavement.  I don't know but the 360 down the grass is sweet no matter what.

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