Thursday, November 3, 2011


Sean Burns always comes through with some sick stuff that makes my ankles and wrists hurt just watching it.  Opposite halfcab onto the monument rail is good stuff.  Couple other RI spots too.

And if you haven't seen his section in "Surfin for the ugly broads" you're really missing out. Burns is nuts, I remember him trying something at edge once he fell about 10 ft to the ground, his bike bounced decked some kid in the face, and we all watched it on the securty camera a bunch times...ahh good times. Which reminds me its almost indoor skatepark season and while that's not necessarily a good time, it is at least good to see friends all in once place you don't always see during the warmer months.

But I'll milk trails season a little longer thank you very much! Saw this vid on digmore...big jumps kind of set up like a track?

*Edit: I just saw this I love little tech shit anyways, but some of this stuff doesn't even seem possible. At the very least go to the end and watch the flair to icepick to footjam.

*Double Edit: If you want to see some big stuff and painful MTB crashes check out this link on ESPN from the Redbull Rampage...ouch.  I can't embed it.  The dirbike looking jump with the wooden takeoff is huge!

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