Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thats it!

The S&M video Thats it! is online's Berringer's section.  I can't hear what hes saying but I'm sure its hilarious.  The 180 to halfcab onto the trampoline is sick too.

That's It! - Matt Beringer from Jordan Utley on Vimeo.

Tate Roskelley has some cool stuff.

That's It! - Tate Roskelley from Jordan Utley on Vimeo.

Aitken good as always.  The one foot table boost over the cement hip = boner.

That's It! - Mike Aitken from Jordan Utley on Vimeo.

Cam Wood

And the kids even know who Fuzzy is now a days?  I still want that green mongoose frame!

And for the hell of it here's a video with a crazy double backflip off a 100' cliff...pretty much onto hardpack. 

Mike Wilson 100' Double Backflip from on Vimeo.

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