Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Post Gretzky (99)

Rode MTB's in Nam yesterday with Rob and Adam.  Finally found out how people get up here, I've always seen it from the highway.

There is so much stuff in that place its insane, I want to go exploring for a full day sometime with Rob and other people that know it pretty well.

I found this video of Dane doing the big drop there.  The craziest part is there is another one in that area about 5 ft taller and 10 ft farther out, I wonder if anyone's ever done it.

Here are a couple other Nam videos, kind of boring but you get the idea of whats out there.

Adam went off trail pretty good on the second drop in the line at the strart of the above video, its a lot bigger than it looks.  The rock wallride at the end of the video is really fun too.

And this is probably my favorite trail I've rode in Nam, rubber stamp its called.  Fun and flowy, nothing too difficult just a bunch of little hits.  The "sharkstooth" rock is epsecially awesome.  The video is old there are some new features in there now.

I really need to bring the gopro next time we head over there...

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