Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Coming through again

Deluxe is a good website for trails videos.  Here's another one they had on there today.

I like the little stuff that slingshots you around, thats my kind of trails.  I know I get a lot of inspiration and ideas from watching trails stuff online (or anywhere) so imagine what trails will be like in 20 years, oh wait thats right the next generation is too lazy to hang out in the woods and dig.  Thats ok when they realize a triple tailwhip backflip won't even get you sponsored now a days maybe they'll come around.

Then I came across this on Unofficial networks...god damn this is some crazy shit right here!  I can't hear what they're saying but probably something to the effect of :dude wtf just hit me a train?"  It almost looks like the thing did it on purpose.

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