Thursday, October 13, 2011


Post number 100, wow, I have way too much time to kill at work I guess.  Its a boring rainy day and not much to post, but I like this Petter Solberg quote about using his own money to finish the year in the WRC after a sponsor had to pull out.

"But I am still very happy because if I die with money in the grave it would be better to use the money to make me happy and do well. I have a lot of passion for this. I’m still fast and I want to win again also. I’m not giving up."

I like this philosphy a lot, people get so obsessed with obtaining money, making more and holding onto it, but for what?  So you can say you have it and hold it over people?  I'd certainly rather spend my hard earned money on something I'm passionate about and enjoy it in my time, than die worth billions where it does you no good to look back at the time you wasted obtaining it and not using it.

An older coworker of mine used to always tell me "it is hard to be poor" and tell me to work more, and that is the truth.  However I feel that the richness of an individual can be (and is) measured more in more than what your bank account says.  And I'm not saying go be a bum and have no money because living comfortably is nice, but people need to be less obsessed over money, and focus more on general happiness.  This is all my opinion of course from my own little worldview, but do whatever makes you happy, as long as you're not hurting others.

How's that for a half baked philisophical rant for the 100th post?  Pretty shitty I know...

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