Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sack Blabbeth

I just read that Black Sabbath may be reuniting with all orignal members and going on tour.  Heres the link.  Pretty cool, but seeing how old Ozzy is (and the rest of the band) it could go catastropically wrong like with Guns n Roses, then again Axel Rose is a tool and Ozzy is the man so maybe he can make it work.

Edit: I almost forgot one of my all time favorites, Johnny Blaze...anyone remember Wizmerski and Doug Folke's video for their company Resist circa 2002? One guy that did some crazy ass gaps had that as his song. Thats also the video that put Wizmerski on the map so many years ago.  I'm trying to find the video but in the meantime enjoy this classic.

Bmx SquareOne - by shilomrob

I remember being blown away by pretty much every section in this video back in the day.  Up In Arms was really good too, made me like Boy Sets Fire.

Just found this too, one of my first bmx videos, not the best but definatley entertaining.  Its crazy to look at how far Mutiny has come as a brand.

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