Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Post 70

Up to 70 posts already, I do this shit too much but what else is there to do when you work for a shitty company?  I thought this video was cool, and thought I would post it after talking about how its weird to ride street on big bikes.  Pretty sure Semenuk won the claymore at Highland the last 2 years.  I like watching people ride really fast downhill, and its cool that he can throw tricks in and still have style.  I also enjoyed watching the dirt footage, lots o style.

I also think its pretty funny that this blog has about 2000 views total, and this video has ~71,000 views in a month.

Had to post this too because who doesn't like to watch people going fast, jumping and railing berms?  Counterweighting on a MTB is fun stuff, see the whip to berm in the opposite direction in the video for proof.

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