Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Snow way

I know horrible title and the fact that I'm talking about snow in August sucks but even though I like warmth and all that comes with it a lot, I like snow almost as much.  And this video makes snow look pretty fun...minus that avalanche.

This one is awesome too.  Jake Blauvelt is probably my favorite snowboarder, he turns the entire mountain into a skatepark and has some of the craziest lines and smoothest style.  And for his naturally series he seems to ride with people that have the same style which makes for some entertaining videos.  I tried to post all the videos but only these had an embed code so fuck it.

So as much as I want it to snow, I can't just skip over my favorite season...autumn.  Foliage, cool crisp weather, dialed trails with regular rain.  Can't beat New England in the fall.

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