Saturday, April 16, 2011

Help helps!

Getting a ton of stuff done at the trails lately thanks to Adam and Creeden and other people, in fact the left line (now known as dogleg) is getting close to finished and should be rideable soon.

Tree landing

Same landing last fall for comparison, look how much taller it is from the pallet now

Creeden's dog Maddy testing it out for us

The lip in the last picture will be finished and have some good dirt put on top of it today before it rains tonight.  The ground behind the landing is dug out and going to be worked into the hill as a quarter/step up and out that hopefully can lead you back to the top of the line if it all works out.  

In addition to the new jumps there is going to be a major clean up/organization that includes a gravity fed watering system, better wheelbarrow paths and maybe some improved seating.  Speaking of watering people always ask why I don't want to use the swamp water, well the oil-like sheen coming off the water in this picture is only part of the reason!

But this should be an awesome trails season because there are a couple other sets around that are really coming along nicely with revisions this year.  And me and Rob were thinking it would be cool to have some trails overnights this year with some camping this year, and then theres Highland which I want to head up to a few times this summer.  Time to start getting psyched!

To add to the A.D.D. that is this blog here are a couple pictures of when I hiked to the top of Sweat Hill in Wrentham the other day, the main trail and lift line is pretty steep and its a nice view for where it is.  It used to be a ski area with a j-bar until it shut down in the 80's I guess, but the poles are still there as well as the creepy lift house and a fireplace from the old lodge.  I'm going to be setting up some snowboard jumps here next year.  I heard from someone that the town approved for people to build a downhill course on it, if its true it would be a pretty cool place for it, but I think the person that wanted to build it moved.

Been super into New England back country snowboard lately too (now that snowboard season is all but over) and want to try to get in a trip to Tuckerman Ravine this year, with all the snow we got it'll probably be rideable until June.  I'm thinking next year it might be time to get some snowshoes and hit up some backcountry action, there is so much to learn about winter mountaineering.  This amazing snowboard year has me psyched on it again, and my goal next year is to get in 30 days including another trip to Montana, a long weekend trip to the cabin at Sugarloaf, Jay Peak, and who knows where else.

At least theres another 6-7 months to think about it, in the meantime its time to transition into the summer and warm weather, I have to admit its nice to be out in a t-shirt at the trails again!  Have to enjoy before the bugs are out in full force...

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