Sunday, April 24, 2011

Like a bull in a cartoon shop

Happy Easter, and a happy one it is because it was the nicest day of the year so far at 70 with the sun out.  Went and helped Rob a bit, his trails are looking awesome this year, just look at how big they are!

Still trying to get everything going and cleaning up things at the clubhouse.  Adam and Creeden organized and made a new tool shed and camo'd the clubhouse, and Andrew scored a sweet drum with spiget already in it.  This is the guy that keeps an eye on things while we're not there.

The angle might not be quite right on the last hip but we'll find out soon enough, even if its not I have a backup plan that might even be better than the current plan.  The last landing looks huge from standing in the gulley.

The berm to the left at this junction starts the line now called sidecart, the hip keeps you on dogleg.

And from the sidecart berm you can either go back into dogleg and hit the tree jump, or stay to the left on sidecart into the little stepdown into the little lip with berm landing (in progress in the picture) that takes you to a lip into the last landing.  Hard to explain but if you look at the picture it makes more sense, err I think. It will soon enough...

I think for the little lip to berm landing something like this would be perfect.

Thats about all I have for now, a little more dialing and everything will be testable.  Foxboro is open so maybe  get in a session there soon we'll see.  Oh and I saw this sweet skate video on trailsrule from Groton, I can't even imagine someone skating like that there.

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