Saturday, April 2, 2011

April 1 Powder

The storm wasn't that great down here, but me and Creeden went up to Cannon and man was it coming down up there, they said they got 6" yesterday but it had to of been more.  We found fresh tracks through the woods almost all day.  I was just starting to get into trails mode, and then this happens!  Oh well even if that was the last time snowboarding this year what I way to end and epic season, 18 days on the snow, probably at least 6 powder days and April first was a powder day.

Now back t reality at the trails, they're coming along nice me and Adam have been trying to get shit done with the help of other people, tree lip is about 6" taller the landing is taller, and just all around they look like they're going to be a lot of fun this year.  Pics will come when they look decent (and have no snow on them).

In the mean time check out this sick dogboarding video, the dog rollerblades are the best.

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