Sunday, March 20, 2011

Putting work in...

Its been warm enough to do some actual work at the trails, Friday there were 5 people down there (if you can count Andrew doing nothing but ninja machete moves) and we got everything cleaned up, chopped some big roots out of the way, and started breaking ground again and moving some dirt around.  Doesn't look like anything too crazy right now, but I'm psyched to get going on the trails again and get shit done this year, there are some cool plans in the works right now.

The last one is a shot of Milford which is looking sweet this year already, Rob and Bubba have been putting some work in and its going to be different from the last couple years.  This time of the year is too nice to not be out digging at the trails so grab a coffee, energy drink, beer, blunt, crackpipe, whatever you're into and get some digging done!

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