Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Whitefish 2.0

There are a lot of flat squares and circles on the way to Denver
Found the New Belgium Hub in Denver

Back to Whitefish, Montana to do some snowboarding and hang out with the cousin, unfortunatley he was/is experiencing some health issues and couldn't join me skiing, but huge thanks goes out to Mike and Maggie for being amazing hosts and letting me stay in their amazing house.  And get well soon Mike!

Le Roi!

Anyways, the day I got into Whitefish it had snowed 9" with a few more the day before, unfortunately it was 9 PM and I couldn't get out in the storm.  The good news is in Whitefish you can still find untouched pow days after a storm, not to mentioned it snowed the entire day Sunday as well, and Monday.

Common sight during the week, mountain in the clouds. Also check the bank to sidewalk jump.

Had some amazing inbounds runs Sunday then decided to hike to the sidecountry for some untouched runs in the afternoon with a couple of my cousin's friends.

Best run of my life, chest deep in spots with snow going straight over my head the whole time, I was living in the white room.  Unfortunatley I forgot the GoPro at home the first day.

Monday was more sick conditions with more hiking to the sidecountry in the afternoon, this time my cousin's friend Casey showed me up Hellroaring Peek.  There was a bootpack most of the way but the wind had filled it in at the top and we postholed through waist deep snow for the last 100 ft up.

"Only" wait deep this time (still plenty of faceshots!) but the whole peak was totally untouched, we were the only ones around. I got it on the GoPro but after moving 10 feet in the fog you can't see shit, oh well!  It was interesting talking to Casey also, he learned to ski at Highland back when it was a ski area.

Monday night was the Wailers show (minus Bob Marley, well there is only 1 original member I guess) but it was a really good show, minus some chick music bloggers that thought they were super important.

The other days were sweet too, some sun down in the valley, no visibility but plenty of snow on the mountain, and no shortage of Montana and west coast micro brews to sample.

Awesome trip minus my cousin not being able to ski, can't wait to do it again.  Pysched I come home to good conditions still too.  I'm getting a new computer and can edit some gopro footage soon.  Here is one semi shitty short one.

You should definatley watch this too because its fucking rediculous.

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