Saturday, February 16, 2013


*Just to start, I have no editing software for gopro footage so I'd suggest listening to this or something else while reading.*


Blizzard of epic proportions to affect the Northeast? Time to go North before getting stuck in the flatlands for the weekend.  So me and Rob escaped to Highland Thursday night.  Woke up to 1/2" Friday morning, perfect conditions for a bike ride, but we had to hike the auto road, and what do you know, that 1/2" of snow is the perfect amount to cover ice in addition to making it even more slippery; good stuff.  Oh and Rob's front and rear shocks were both done for before we even started our way up.

Took a run down Cat's Paw and through the XC runs.  Hey what do you know the trails have ice on them in some spots too causing me and Rob to almost die on the fastest section of Cat's Paw the first run.  Went back out later with a little over 1" on the ground and took an awesome run from the top down Fancy to Cat's Paw. Its better when you have an idea where the ice is.

Also took a run through Cat Scratch to the XC stuff.

Saturday was storm day, woke up at 4am to drop the Cosbys off at the pool and had to dig a path through 1.5 ft of snow.  Woke back up at 6, shoveled the car out and went to Cannon for some pow.  It was awesome but freakin windy.

Got a pic of Red instead of Yellow this time

Back to Highland for a final snowshoe up the hill and to Thrash the Snow on the way back down...there was actually too much to get going in most spots.  Nice scenery too.

Woke up Sunday to a beautiful bluebird day, if only my legs actually worked.

Friday Morning
Sunday Morning

Back home got more snow.

But it was still a fucking awesome weekend except for the rationing, and not of the food.

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