Sunday, July 22, 2012

Turkey warfare

Damn its dry out still, everytime they say we'll get rain the Clubhouse only gets a few drops...the meter in the back yard said 0.12" the other day while some places got 2" in an hour.  But the trails are running like cement right now and its pretty sweet.  Snakes trying to stay cool too, this little guy was super chill even with Andrew antagonizing him.  Not sure what kind of snake it is with the band around his neck.

Keeping up with the wild life theme I'm pretty sure turkeys are trying to take over the trails.  Everytime I go down there now I see turkeys and while they were cool at first, now that its dry they roost all over the place and kick up all my unpacked dirt. Then the other day one shit about 5 feet from me from about 30 feet up in a tree.  This pretty much called off any truce between myself the the turkeys and now there is a terrorize turkey policy at the Clubhouse until they move further back into the woods again.

This is a good tool to chase after them least on downhills.

Not much riding going on at the Back 9 either but at least the ferns and shrooms are looking good.

 With is being too hot and dry to ride at least I can get shit done on the car though.

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