Thursday, July 26, 2012

BMX trails finally

Some interesting BMX trail videos, might be the first ones posted in a couple months (seen on prettyshady) .


Darin Read, the highspeed berm before the jump he crashes on at the end looks nuts.

MTB stuff, I like edits that show what people do on a regular basis and show them having fun.

These Are The Days - Dylan Dunkerton on Pinkbike

These Are The Days - Curtis Robinson on Pinkbike

Whistler looks fun.

Summer of Summit - The Dirt Chronicles - Ep.1 Whistler on Pinkbike

Snowboarding:  Jeremy Jones makes awesome movies, like Deeper, and Further is going to be even better I'm sure.  This also reminds that we are definatley going on a snowboard trip somewhere out West this year, anyone that wants to go let me know!

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