Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Flats suck

Pretty much everything flat sucks, flat chests, flat ground, and flat tires, especially in the middle of the woods in the rain.  However, sometimes bad can lead to good, and racing back to the car before your tire goes flat can sometimes lead to a fun as hell (and sketchy) way back to the car you've never taken...that was interesting.

Anywho, MTB video, they go fast.

Ian Morrison, meet Steve Smith on

End of the work day edit:  These trails look rad, irgore the goofy MTBers.

26 Clips: Jungle Trains and Tricks - More Mountain Bike Videos

In fact double edit, whips in 1000 FPS look sick!

And triple edit:  There is some crazy steep stuff in this.

More snow, this video series is already rad.

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