Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Always more work to be done

It never ends, but all ends up being worth it.  The flies and mosquitos are just starting to come out, so maybe they'll keep Tom the turkey from sneaking up on me as much, hes one sneaky (and large) bastard.

Graham Agassiz is always pretty entertaining to watch.

Easton's Big New Zealand Adventure - More Mountain Bike Videos

Not exactly sure why, but this video is cool.  I want a trail dog.

Fabien Barel presents #1 - At home and on dirt with Cam Zink on pinkbike.com

Some sad news, Mitchell Guist from Swamp People apparently has passed away, I read he fell off his boat, possibly due to a heart attack, RIP.  The Guist Brothers are one of the best parts of swamp people.  Mitchell is the one on the left.

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