Friday, April 6, 2012

Water roll

Crazy how once you start something you're really into there's not much that can stop you.  My back is killing me but I still managed to get the new stuff that Rob helped me dig a little farther along.  Secret pictures:

Mountain biking probably didn't help the back either but its fun as heck still, here's me catching Bubba way late dropping the small Mushroom on Chromey. 

Pretty sweet view at that spot too.

Matt Priest can steez that whip.

It sounds like its going to be mid 50's this weekend followed by some rain next weekend so its probably a good time to get even more stuff done and have a good ol' time at the trails.

Edit:  OK I was talking about nice spring weather but I just saw 2 sweet snow related videos I have to put up.

Silvia - Winter trails with Matt Hunter on

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