Thursday, April 5, 2012

Best dirt jump video ever

This is pretty close, its on Vimeo so watch it before it gets taken down.  Crazy Nastazio.  Also if you can't tell by the screen shot this is definatley NSFW in any way shape or form.  I think this needs to happen at the Back ( or Clubhouse for sure, although we don't have as many hot blonde cali girls so it would probably be some crackhead moonpie momma.

Another Anthem 2 declassified thing came out, and although it has no tits its still pretty good.

Moving on from trails videos this Simple sesh video is insane!  The double peg to superman to summersault attempt stood out for me but there is some crazy shit in here.  I know BMX is getting crazy when I watched someone 360 over the down rail in the video and went "thats it?"

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