Wednesday, April 18, 2012

High Expectations

When I see a Harry Main video come out I automatically have high expectations...and he somehow always manages to deliver.  This is crazy, never thought I'd see a 360 whip to fufanu, nevermind barspinning out, or doing a double whip into the same thing.  Remember when Dave Osato (does he still ride even?) almost did a whip to fuf and people went crazy?  Maybe I'm dating myself....  But the spots in this video look so good too, I want to ride that halfpipe drainage.

I know its warm now but good snowboard videos are still coming out...E. Jack is really good, and has a super epic beard. Some of the drops in this are huge...and he somehow manages to spin off them and in come cases land switch going super fast in pow.

In case you missed the Travis Rice Supernatural event on TV (like I did) you can watch it here on unofficial networks.  I haven't gotten the chance to watch it yet but the footage I have seen is cool.  Here is a POV down the run from Terje.

And here is another T. Rice master or something I dunno.

Jeremy Jones is awesome. I'm putting this up so I can personally watch it later with sounds. I think there are 4 parts?

I think I need one of these to film stuff, f a gopro. Apparently it can go 140 mph.

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