Friday, January 20, 2012

Go for snow

First real snow of the year (not counting Haloween) for us and I'm psyched even though its only about 2-3", but that happens to be the perfect amount for snowskate sessions, and some of this.

And tomorrow its supposed to snow again.  Depending on who you're watching I've heard anywhere from 2-5" or even 5-8" with a sweet spot somewhere in SE MA.  C'mon Wrentham, I've been waiting to snowboard or snowskate down Sweatt Hill since the snow melted last year.  So this weekend could be pretty sweet with enough snow to have fun on it in a variety of ways, an Allagash/Stone beer tasting tomorrow (probably before a snowskate session making it that much better), and Patriots game on Sunday.

Saw this video on Deluxe and its a take off of the "Shit skiers say" video...pretty damn funny and it reminds me of going to Highland or Nam with people always checking out what bike/parts you have.  Brown pow!

This is cool also, guy has an epic bneard.  Its awesome that he's making the same face for most pictures.

Condor's PCT Adventure in 3 Minutes from Kolby Kirk on Vimeo.

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