Thursday, January 19, 2012

Diablo Closing

I always wanted to hit up Diablo since I started getting into MTBing, everyone always said its awesome, and consider it wasn't to far away.  Well I just read this article on Pinkbike about Diablo closing.  It sounds like they were trying to follow a Highland style plan with the XC loop, new trails, etc but the new ownership wasn't making it easy for them.  I guess Highland will be more crowded this summer...Burke too.

While I'm on the MTB subject I'm not really sure whats going on in this video but there is riding in a church and there looks to be a trampoline in the background of a couple shots?

peoplegrapher. Beddo Team Shot 2012 from Lukas Tielke | peoplegrapher. on Vimeo.

Gonna snow tonight and Saturday, might have to make a trek up to NH somewhere.  BBC in Franklin is having an Allagash/Stone beer tasting saturday too...hmm tough call.

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