Monday, November 7, 2011

Candy Cheese

Clocks changed and it already gets dark way too early which means any digging that needs to be done after work will involve a headlamp and hunters that can't/don't see you walking through the woods in the dark.  On the up side I could actually see on my way to work this morning at 6:30. 

Got in a good amount of riding this weekend knowing its not possible after work, and because well the weather was beautiful.  Here's a gopro video of the line that goes back to the kiosk, I'm not sure why the upload quality onto vimeo is so bad.  We didn't hit up a couple other spots I wanted to film too but I'll get em sometime.

Rode the Back 9 a little bit yesterday too and had a good old time, its amazing to think of what it looked like at the beginning of this year compared to now.  No videos from there but instead here are some good uns from digmore.  This first one was already in the PA soil POV vid from last week, but it looks like a chest mount instead of head maybe?

DC shoes PA Trip - Leo Forte (GoPro) from callum earnshaw on Vimeo.

And a really good one from Hazelwood, I love the look of that crazy berm sideways hip thing there thats after the jump Doyle does a bunch of shit on, trying to figure out where and how I can build one at the Clubhouse.

A fall session at Hazelwood Trails from Compression Bmx on Vimeo.

I almost missed this one of Catty too. I'm glad the step up hip with the logs in the landing looks fun because thats what the jump after the tree jump is gonna be set up like to avoid crashing into the tree next to it.

PA Woods Session from Mutiny Bikes on Vimeo.

Then onto the random stuff, this guy messed himself up running into the cop truck, then gets tackled good, don't steal candy kids.

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