Monday, October 24, 2011

Anyone ride trails anymore?

Doesn't seem like it, tons of people usually show up this time of year at the Back 9 but this year there's barely been anymore, maybe people don't want to do work?  Well since no one rides trails anymore maybe this will intrest someone.

Unfortunatley that guy died in a recent speedflying accident, but that video is crazy, grinding a chairlift cable while hanging from a parachute? I remember another speedflying video I saw in full HD on TV in Chamonix and the guy would go off a 300' cliff, fly onto another peak, make somes turns, gap off again and do the same thing down a 10k mtn. Must get pretty crazy with the way the wind rips through the mountains.

I found this cool snow biking video, different snow biking than I posted the other day...the carving in this one looks fun.

In other news I hate Mondays.

Edit: This made my monday better,never seen MTb trails that having multiple crossing lines and even a corner pocket line around 2:00. Also the part around 3:00 looks like some crazy freeride skatepark or something, not to mention the very last feature in the video is so badass.

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