Monday, September 26, 2011

Summer is back?

For the last couple days you would never guess its the end of September in New England, hot and humid, with a good amount of rain.  Well the rain is normal but the heat and humidity isn't for this time of year and what makes it worse is that not too long ago there was a strech where the high temp was only getting around 60, the air was dry and some places even had frost or light snow.  Crazy ass weather.

Anyways managed to get more trails stuff done this weekend.  Started a new small line at the Clubhouse but its not work taking pics of yet so I'll show you what helped me get motivated to start it.

And a decent amount of people put work in at the Back 9 yesterday, not to mention Rob and Bubba did a ton on Saturday.  Everything looks awesome, especially the back.

Heathens Jam is coming up this weekend and should be a good time with beer, fireworks and I'm sure plenty of mayhem.

Edit:  Heres a video from last year's Heathen's Jam (I can't embed it)

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