Friday, September 23, 2011


Today is the first day of Autumn! Fall is awesome in New England, hopefully Irene didn't knock all the leaves off the trees and we still get some good foliage around there parts. Then again it would be nice not having to rake leaves at the trails every 3 seconds. This was the first song that came on Pandora on my ride to work today...weird coincidence.

Speaking of coincidences they are strange, but are they really just chance? Sometimes it seems like there is (a lot) more to it than a probablity. Too hard to explain in words. What it comes down to is we live in a crazy ass world that I gaurantee there is more going on in than meets the eye.

And to totally ruin my point here is the first picture that came up when I typed "weird coinsidences" into a google image search.

This one is kind of freaky.  Ahhhh man the internet is so useful.

So even though its going to be crappy around New England today (and maybe for the next week?) might as well celebrate fall in style...and I'm stocked up to do so.

Ya ya no pumpkin beer, but pumpkin beer sucks IMO, Oktoberfest on the other hand...

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