Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Unofficial stealing

Unofficial Networks is a sweet website that has cool features.  Like this crazy video of a guy flying, man he gets so close to the ground on a couple of these then swoops upward just as theres a big drop into the valley.

Long-Lining from BASE-Book - Matt Gerdes on Vimeo.

Then theres this trailer for an Aaron Robinson video, who was a snowboarder that died not too long ago in South America, and I'm pretty sure he was from Whitefish.

And then this crazy surf video from Teahupoo Tahiti of this monster wave, just look at the power of the water right before the barrell comes crashing down when the wave ends, then realize that the reef that makes these gigantic waves is only a few feet under the water. 

"Teahupoo breaks in very shallow water, even when the wave reaches heights of over 20 feet. It sucks so much water out from underneath it as the wave hits the reef that it often looks like the ocean slopes down into the mouth of the wave."

Anyways, still no power at my house and National Grid seems to be saying it'll be back Sunday for everyone, lets hope thats a worst case scenario.  I never though I'd be so happy to go to work, but having power is very nice.  I just feel bad for people that don't even have natural gas so they can't take a warm shower.  Pretty sure I plan on camping outside Friday if there is still no power.  Drinking and a fire seem like a good plan. 

In the meantime everyone has an eye on Katia which just became a Catagory 1 hurricane this morning and is formed in the same place Irene came from.  Ive been supposed to pick up my new car for 2 weeks now but the first weekend the bank fucked things up, then Irene last sunday, so I'm sure if Katia hits it'll be this Sunday.  Lets just hope for the best, not for me, but especially for those in VT and NY, we think its bad without power, out there major roads are closed and the only way into some towns is via helicopter. 

Is it just me or does everything seem a little different after the storm?  Maybe its because everyone is grumpy without power, or having to clean up, or something but I've felt like there's a lot more negative energy in the world (that I see at least) since Irene hit.  Hmm earthquakes, tornados, and hurricanes within 4 months God must really hate the East Coast...I blame Jersey Shore.

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