Thursday, August 25, 2011

If you build it they will ride

Cool story/interview on UnofficialNetworks (click the link to go to the story) about trail building...its mostly about MTB stuff but a lot still applies.  One thing that stood out it the guy saying "There is a degree of fine tuning after you construct it. All these little things are what the people who just ride the trails never see."   

So true, and I used to think I helped out here and there and knew what work went into trails.  Well I was in for a rude awakening when I started the clubhouse...hell some of the work was done for me and it was still a shock.  The small details, the big stuff, chopping roots, drainage, how big to make things...trails are a constantly evolving art and its part of what makes them so interesting and fun, no one knows everything.   And us trail diggers/builders share a common bond of knowing what its like.  Getting too phyolosophical here but just add another reason to the list of why trails are the best.

Also these look pretty sweet (pic from the article).

And speaking of trails, from the sound of it Hurricane Irene might be making landfall in Southern New England as a catagory 1 or 2 storm so better batten down the hatches, I plan on putting a lot of big rocks on tarps.

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