Tuesday, July 26, 2011

WRC Rally Finland starts thursday

I sure do love rally, and this video is just part of the reason why.  The jump that starts with the car "casing" it around 0:52 I think reminds me of trails for cars, its not just a straight easy jump xgames rally style, its a tarmac sketchy high speed jump with turn right after.

WRC has taken a break for a month and they come back with Rally Finland, which is a classic and one of my (and I bet a lot of other people's) favorite rally's of the season, I mean its basically F1 but on dirt with "yumps".  Check out Novikov's infamous jump from 09.

This onboard with the late Colin Mcrae gives a little insight into how fast these roads really are.

Back in the days of Group B, I can't even imagine taking one of those beasts through this rally, just looks how fast it was in a 300 hp rally car in the Mcrae video, then add another 250 hp to that, and subtract a whole bunch of safety regulations.

I can't post a video with group B cars without posting a video of what the Quattro s1 E2 sounded like, wow.

Its too bad that group B had to end, but it was dangerous for the drivers and fans, in some videos you can't even see the road until the car comes along and moves the sea of people, then the flood back onto the road as soon as the car is by.  Check out this video about the end of the Group B era.

Its too bad, because both fans and drivers died, but the cars really attracted people to the sport and its easy to see why.  It seems like the current WRC is starting to bring people back again, and with Mini and VW joining it'll be even more competitive, now if only someone could knock Loeb off his little pedistal!

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