Thursday, July 28, 2011


Just found this cool little video that has some stuff from Vietnam (some Dane clips in there) and Highland.  The line at 1:44 in nam is my favorite I've rode so far there (only been once) called Rubber Stamp I believe and the pointed rock into the rock table top is so much fun on that trail.  I'm kind of suprised C4 wasn't on there because thats another fun ass trail, and once again I love the "shark's tooth" feature on it too.  Next time I head over there I'll bring the gopro and film a couple of the lines.

The highland footage isn't the best, but it still shows that place is so friggin fun.  Me and smitty are heading up there this weekend and I'm almost as psyched to camp out and hike the mountain at night as I am for the riding.  From what I've heard from everyone Highland is pretty dialed and progressing at a rapid rate this year, I'm also pretty happy I have my own MTB this time.

Did a little trail work yesterday and figured out the little battery operated chainsaw my dad has is perfect for trail work, its quiet and a hell of a lot faster than the bow saw and/or axe.  Unfortunatley using a battery operated chainsaw is almost the equivalent of wearing a dress and high heels, but like I said at least its quiet.

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