Thursday, June 9, 2011

We got ouaahhselfs a tree shaaackaah!

Man that show swamp people is awesome, it almost makes me wish I had a sweet cajun accent so I could talk like that, I can pretend in the meantime.  I'm the alligatahhhh bandit!

I was going to post a picture from the show but fuck it that one is way better, and this one...

Been mountain biking in Foxboro state forest again, its a lot of fun and good exercise.  I really enjoy just riding for miles over all kinds of terrain, getting lost, and just being in the woods.

There are even a couple good downhills, heres a gopro I shot last year on one of the better parts.  Earlier in the ride a deer ran right out in front of me.

I just wish I had a better bike, I beat the shit out of my chrome $400 hardtail evertime I go down hills.  At its not as dangerous as road racing though.

This talk of big wheel action makes me think a Highland weekend trip is in order sometime soon.  I want to go to Diablo at some point too.

I've overshot the berm at 2:42 multiple times thinking it was the following right hander.  Hellion is fun too.

Heres one from Whitefish, I can only imagine what it must be like in person seeing the terrain there, and how nice the view must be in the summer.

 Whistler, BC

I wish that I could afford to buy a mountain, build a bike park on it, and go from there.  Highland does an awesome job and has a little of everything for such a small place and I think some of the freestyle stuff sets them apart from just normal downhill.  I would make a bunch of DH/freeride, some XC, and then a bunch of trails type stuff ranging from flowing to big, and winding down steeper downhills to other mellow with everything having a bmx influence.  And then an indoor and outdoor skatepark to top it off.  MTBing seems to bring in some decent money, I mean the bikes aren't cheap (or I'd have one) and most people are pretty into it.  Now combine that with getting people that ride BMX in with the trails and skatepark.  Even allow skateboarders in the park certain times if they want, they're bound to try out bikes eventually.

Not to mention I could build a bunch of bomb snowboard stuff for the winter!  But it all seems to be a matter of finding a place and having the money and I can't do either.  Someday maybe. 

Oh well worlds gonna end soon anyways I guess.  There was an EF3 tornado in Springfield, MA about a block from where my mom grew up.  Then there's a volcano erupting in Chilean Patagonia spewing ash all over Bariloche, Argentina where the ski area there is set to open in 2 weeks.  The pictures are pretty crazy.

If its all going to end soon might as drink some good beer!  I'll have to remember to do a good beer post at some point.

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