Sunday, May 29, 2011


Had a sweet sesh at the back 9 yesterday, first real trails sesh of the year with the trails running pretty good and good friends.  Bubba did some 360's, Vic nose cased and cut his arm open by landing on his bike, and Rob boosted the heck out of frankenstein.  I even remembered how to ride my bike.

It was funny though there was a 4-wheeler tooling around (not uncommon for the back 9) and he stopped and started asking about the jumps, first about being built by hand, and then asking if we were pros or just fucking around.  Obviously anyone that digs knows the devotion it takes to get and keep the trails running, but I wonder what it looks like to someone that doesn't even ride a bike.  I think it confuses the hell out of them, I've had people at the clubhouse ask where you start and where you go, I mean its downhill!  They probably just ponder why people would put so much work in something like that in the wood to ride a little bike on.

Anyways not a ton of progress at the clubhouse, people working, moving, living life combined with hot humid weather mean it'll probably stay that way for a bit.  Still waiting to hit bigger mr. marbles, I think it might finally be packed enough.  One pic from the top.  I can't wait to start making the right side better once the left is done.

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