Monday, February 28, 2011

Epic powda!

There's been 9" of snow since we got to Whitefish and its made for epic conditions.  My cousin Mike is a local and he said Sunday was easily one of the top 5 days of the year and following him around the resort he goes to 50+ days a year is amazing and downright scary sometimes.  We've been hitting tight untracked woods with waist deep powder on a pitchs so steep you could barley stand on them pretty consistently.

The visibility was so bad today at the summit that you could just barley see the chair in front of you on the lift which made for some interesting moments on the slopes.  I guess the trees are usually pretty sheltered from the wind and snow most days, but today you couldn't see a thing anywhere.  My dad and brother both hit unexpected piles of powder resulting in knocking their skis off, I caught an edge and rung my bell pretty good.  They say that the lack of visibility can cause vertigo and I can understand why now I couldn't even tell which way was downhill at some points.

The only unfortunate part is that the Gopro SD card was full today so I didn't get anything from today, but just as well because you wouldn't be able to see anything.  I did get some decent shots from yesterday but I hope to get much better before we leave saturday, and from what I've been hearing its going to snow until at least then so hopefully it won't be a problem.  The videos don't even do it justice though, just amazing.

Besides the snowboarding Whitefish is a cool and weird place with a mixture of ski locals, wildlife, cowboys, and Canadians.  I've drank more beer here so far than I have in probably the last 3 months (24oz PBR out here) and eaten some great food thanks to my cousin and his wife who have been the best hosts ever and totally hooked us up everywhere and every way possible.  The first bar we went to straight from the airport had a bunch of animals the owner had shot in the place, check out the pictures.  For some reason the polar bear is standing on a walrus.  I need to take way more pictures, apparently theres beautiful scenery all around here but with it snowing all week we can't see a damn thing.

We still have 4 more days on the mountain to go and I already don't think I can ever think the same about snowboarding on the east coast.  See you on Sunday Massachusetts, unless we get snowed in and the flight gets delayed!

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