Saturday, January 29, 2011


Been a while since anyone had updated this.  Andrew had the family life, and I'm either working or out playing in the snow, backyard and trails snowboard sessions have been so much fun this year with us getting hammered with snow.  Adam came down today and we hit up the trails and a little gap me and Andrew made the other day, that the plow driver enhanced into a better landing.

I also got an HD gopro so it can be used in the winter, and the footage will actually be clear now, woo.  Anyone want to buy an SD gopro?  Heres the gopro footage of the gap.

And heres a gopro of hitting the trails a little bit.

I have to say I haven't been snowboarding a ton since I've been like 14, but this year with all the snow its been awesome and gotten me really psyched on it again.  I think me and Smitty are planning out a trip to Sugarloaf in true Maine style with an outhouse and everything.

Finally don't forget about Vic and Sleeper's birthday sesh at Rad tomorrow, should be a good time with pizza and riding.

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