Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tree f'n jump

Got dang that thing is fun.  Piper, Adam and myself built it up about a foot taller and me and Kieth hit it today, thing freaking shoots you, even with the soft berm in the pic.  Now the hip jump up the hill needs to get finished and we're in business.

 Check out sky chief blasting it from the roller and skip.  The cambered roller/berm still needs work.

And while I was uploading videos from my phone I uploaded a couple videos of the Dialed603 trails from the trip there and highland this summer. The crazy part about these videos is that it was too windy that day so the bigger jumps weren't even untarped.  Ridiculous.

That trip was a stand out memory from this summer for sure, so many good times up there chilling, riding trails,downhill mtbing, riding the park in the dark, playing with the glow in the dark frisbee, camping in a hammock and looking at the stars. Definatley need to do something similar next summer.

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