Wednesday, November 10, 2010

In action!

Adam has been helping out a lot lately and we've been getting shit done. Feels good, and the hard work paid off. Me, Adam, Smitty, Degnan, Piper and Fitzy rode the left line on sunday. I even have video of degnan hitting dirt jumps, never thought I would see the day. 

Piper and Fitzy helped dig the lip/landing into a cambered roller/landing to get into the tree jump, and I packed it in the rain the next day, did I mention it feels good to get shit done at the trails?  Its looking like we can at least test it out this weekend.

While I was trying to upload those I found some old pics of bubba and tj riding milford. Looks like from before they were plowed and rebuilt into what they are today.

This whole getting dark at 4:45 thing is killing me, good thing adam can pick up the slack and still get shit done.

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