Saturday, July 6, 2013

Blogs are a PITA sometimes

Gotta write shit and shit (and sometimes I even need to think of what I'm gonna write), so I've been taking the easy way out and just posting pictures and videos to Instagram (clubhousebmx).  So follow that shit...and shit.  Speaking of Instagram, it looks like the Circuit Trails Trip is going awesome judging from the #trailsruletrip hashtag, wish I was there!

Its been friggin' hot out lately and I know I can't handle digging for more than an hour or so between the heat, mosquitos and worst of all, deer flies.  Managed to make a quick edit of a 95 degree XC ride on the Pitch the other day.

A quick XC ride on a 95 degree day from craig on Vimeo.

Its only early July and just gonna get hotter for a while so I figured why not edit the snowboarding GoPro footage I have?  Some pretty epic snowboard days in the last couple years.

Snowboard Footage from craig on Vimeo.

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