Monday, April 8, 2013

I can edit now!

I finally got a new computer and can edit videos again woohoo!  So to celebrate I put this quick thing together for winter storm Nemo, I'll be slowly going through my old footage and putting together edits, as well as getting new footage.  But anyways here is the Nemo edit, great weekend that started with bikes in the snow, had a storm day at Cannon with 12"+, and returned to Highland for a bluebird sunday.

Smitty, Bubba, Keith and myself hit up Wachusett Saturday for the day before the season ends.  Its always a good time to dig in the morning and snowboard in the afternoon.

Moonshine at the trails keeps us warm before the weather really gets warm.

And if you like trails or videos with them you should probably watch these.

Graveyard Trail Jam 2013 from Davis Finn James on Vimeo.

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