Monday, February 4, 2013

More NH

Thursday ends with Mark training for Highland this summer...while making that overtime money at work.

Then Friday escape from work to go to NH when lift tickets to Cannon are only $9.25? Yes please.

And walk around the woods at Highland on Saturday to recover? Oh yea.

Got back to the shanty and it looks like Rob has a new roommate.

Hmm I wonder if he likes giant cans of Dale's Pale (the one on the left is a 16 oz can for scale)?

And when its time to go back to MA and there's no snow, the MTB's come out for a quick ride through the get fresh air and find mossballs that looks like inflated tennis balls by caves.

Pretty sweet weekend, hope to do it again before winter's over!

Hey Bubba, here's the stats/where we rode.  I think if you click the map it gives you more info.

View Winter Ride 2.3 W Bubba in a larger map

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