Wednesday, January 9, 2013


We seem to be into the "January Thaw" and the snow is melting away around us...lets hope not so much up north.  But I am hearing that after this a very cold spell will start with storms coming in an potentiall a blizzard in a couple weeks...wouldn't that be nice!?  Maybe nice enough to trek up to VT finally and find some nice snow in the woods as a blizzard on the base set up there already would be sweet!

Moving in the opposite direction since its the thaw...if you can't stand winter (why are you living in New England?) watch this and remember that its not too far off.  Whether you enjoy or just survive the winter its still here for at least a couple more months!

Oh yea this rocks too.

Or if you do like your winters cold and snowy how about this.

Or this (its local)?

Whatever your into do it and enjoy it!

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