Monday, November 5, 2012


The Boondocks Jam went down as an awesome time, great people and great trails = a great time.  Thanks to all the locals for setting this up and being so hospitable, especially seeing how Sandy had just hit there less than a week before. We figured because of the storm the traffic would be bad but we only hit one spot (that wasn't even related to the storm), however traffic makes people act crazy and we saw everything from the driver of the car in front of us taking a piss behind a road sign in the median of the highway, to hot bitchy asian middle finger chick that felt she would try to cut off traffic then give us the finger, all while her impression didn't change one bit, must be the donut implants.

Anyways I love looking around other people's trails also and getting ideas, and those guys have some good ones for sure, certinaly motivates me to dig and get my trails running the way I want.

Here are 2 POV's of 2 of the lines, I was too much of a pussy to hit anything big but Ray strapped on the gopro and followed Adam around for a while.  I have a little more and Bubba should be sending me his footage at some point too.

Edit: How the hell did I forget to put this POSH/Catty video in this post?

This is good too.

And if you want to see some damn good POV from Posh (I believe) check out screw it I'll post em here but still check that site out its rad.

Final one from there, why pick up the deadfall just make jumps on it!

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