Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bandz a make a dance!

2 Chainz! Damn you Bubba I've been singing that shit to myself all week. Sender weekend was awesome! Great wrap up to a great riding year. While the trail crew went out and took clunker laps...

Clunkers! Tom hit the new NE style drop on his clunkah...freakin nuts.
Rob getting ready to do some brakeless clunking!

We chilled at the Clunker Castle with a nice fire going. Clunker castle is the shit!

Check out the door handle! (And Rob's seat)
Not a bad view from Clunker Castle
 Saw this guy here just chillin...

Porky! He was alive but not moving a whole lot.

Then the next day me and Bubba took off to Buzz Killington to get some snow action in, pretty good for going before Thanksgiving, but making me crave some powder for sure.


This Villij video is the shot on so many levels.

And because its almost that time here is a riding/skiing video.

Edit: Had to add this, Idaho has the good and no one seems to know it!

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