Wednesday, October 17, 2012

going pro

I really like the gopro, while its not ideal it is a pretty awesome tool as far as action sports go and the Hero 3 looks to be amazing.  This is definatley on my Christmas list.  It helps that Gopro promo videos always rock.

Clunking, friends, beer, pedophile moustaches and dogs, this video is doing it right.

Klunking 2 on Pinkbike

Life behind Bars at Redbull Rampage.

Jon Televison - Roles Reversed on Pinkbike

Edit:  I just wanted to add that BMXers are a different breed of bike rider, scratch that, I mean different breed of people all together. Just look at the rumble pit for proof.

I'lll also throw in my old Bonedeth edit from quite a few (6 holy shit) year back in new bedford to show things haven't changed much in the Bonedeth world, and Childs was the only one that made it through.  Although instead of puke and snot you had to worry about landing on dead animals.

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