Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Flat and dirt

Well first off I hope everyone is doing OK and has power back after Sandy. Looking at some of the NYC pictures its pretty bad. Probably doesn't mean good things for the Boondocks Jam either, but I am sure thats the last thing on their mind right now.

The clubhouse survived, only one tree came down that requires a chainsaw, but a whole lotta smaller branches, shitton of leaves, and after last night a good amount of water. Meanwhile the Back 9 has had more problems with shitheads on dirtbikes and quads tearing up the jumps than nature. I just don't understand why some people think its fun to ruin another person's hard work, but oh well they will get theirs, whether its karma coming back or being strangled by arms of oak.

Anyways getting back to videos and such, this is rad because you don't see a lot of flatland/dirt videos coming out but this one is awesome. The trails look pretty sweet but some of the flat moves are just rediculous.

Mulville, need I say more?

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