Friday, September 28, 2012


Me, Adam and Connor went for a ride yesterday in Blue Hills Reservation. Here is a link to what we did. It was awesome, if you check the stats we had an elevation gain of around 1100 total feet going from 102 ft at the lowest to 412 ft at the highest (felt more like 420) and a top speed of 21.25 mph on a sick downhill we found.  Not a bad photo op either, never seen Big Blue from this viewpoint before.

Pretty good view of Boston too, based on how calm things are in the rez you'd never expect Boston to be that close.

Forgot I had this picture from Foxboro State Forest the other day too, top of the longest sustanined DH there I think.

I got to thinking yseterday though how many places something as simple as a bike can take you, I mean I probably wouldn't of ended up on a hill in Blue Hills Rez looking at the side of Big Blue if it weren't for wanting to ride a bike there. Bikes are sweet.

Edit:  Brodown video...kind of meh but the actual event was much cooler. I got some background cred with Billy at 1:30 and Rob has footage of him climbing out of the airbag at 2:34 and Larry is everywhere.

2012 Brodown Showdown on Pinkbike

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