Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Jumpland at Highland is well on its way, headed up to help Rob for the weekend and the place looks sweet and everyone seems psyched on it...plenty of work to still be done before Brodown on saturday though.  Its hard to take a picture of everything with the dirt color and shadows.

Rob tried the hip for the first time and made it the perfect distance, once its packed in they'll be no pedaling and when you land this jump your gonna be cruising!

It helps having lights set up for night digg....everything actually comes out the way it looked in the dark which usually isn't the case with the dim lights I usually use.

And there was also the normal Highland shenanigans, we even witnessed a red squirrel vs chipmunk fight where the chipmunk jumped from about 4 feet up rolling down the windows the entire way...it was awesome.

Strenth in Numbers BC segment...dirt jumping part is a little boring but the DH stuff is rad.

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