Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Was a good time, everyone was psyched on the new jump park and I can see why because Rob is doing a kickass job on it (like everything he does).  Rode with the NJ and Cape crew, no pictures or videos because I was lazy but here is a panoramic of the new area.

Even worked on the Clubhouse and modified the new berm jump thing, still needs work and a good packing but its going to work much better now.

And this video is badass...just look how fast they're going.

This one I might have posted before but its still rad.

Silvia - Sun Peaks with Matty and Karl on Pinkbike

Today is super nice out and it reminds me that this isn't far off...so you better believe that means its time to get as much bike riding in in the nice weather/dirt as possible before the white begins to fall!

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